The Helen R. Donaghue Elementary School, Merrimac, MA
member of th
e Pentucket Regional School District
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Helen R. Donaghue School (Grades 3-6)
24 Union Street Extension
Merrimac, MA 01860
(978) 346-8921
Robert C. Harrison , Principal
School Hours
8:25 a.m. -2:50 p.m.
Directions to the Helen R. Donaghue Elementary School 

The Helen R. Donaghue Elementary School is part of the Pentucket Regional School System. The town of Merrimac is located in the northeast corner of Massachusetts, between the cities of Haverhill, to the west, and Amesbury, to the east. Our town borders New Hampshire.

Take Route 495 to Exit 53 ("Broad Street, Merrimac, Merrimacport")
At the end of the ramp take a:
- RIGHT turn, if coming south, onto Broad Street
- LEFT turn, if coming north, onto Broad Street
Continue to a "T" intersection and a STOP sign (you will be facing our police/fire station
- if you are facing a marina and the Merrimack River you must reverse directions and
cross back over 495)
Take a LEFT turn onto Route110Main Street at the stop sign.
Continue through the center of town about 1/2 mile.
Take a LEFT turn onto Locust Street ( at either corner there is the stone
town library and the white clapboard Rogers Funeral Home)
Continue 1/4 mile. The school is on the right side, beyond the baseball






Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Helen R. Donaghue Schools. The faculty and staff join me in saying we're happy to have you as part of the Pentucket community. We hope this will be a successful and satisfying school year for you.

This handbook is designed to outline for you the major policies, procedures, expectations, and programs that we have at the schools. We suggest that parents and students review the contents together. If you have any questions that remain unanswered after reading the handbook, please call the school office. We believe that open and clear communication between school and home is important to the success of our educational program. We encourage you to take an active part in your child's education: review your child's school work and homework, volunteer in the library, attend PTO meetings, run for a School Council seat, and read the school newsletters.

We look forward to working with all of you as together we help your children learn, grow and develop through their elementary school years.

Robert C. Harrison, Principal HRD

Helen R. Donaghue School
24 Union Street Extension
Merrimac, MA 01860
Grades 3 - 6
Tel: (978) 346-8921/346-7838
Fax: (978) 346-7839


Pentucket Regional School District Mission Statement

In the Pentucket Regional School community, everyone works together in an environment founded upon trust, integrity, fairness, and open communication with that belief that every individual can discover and develop talents and abilities, and pursue unlimited potential. The hallmarks of this community are educational excellence, respect for self and others, and responsible, ethical citizens.


Our vision of the future guides our decisions and priorities.
We envision a School District…….

" where students will be engaged in instructional programs that will develop their communications skills, critical thinking skills, productive
utilization of technology, creativity, and ability to work cooperatively and independently
" where students are motivated to learn and excited about learning.
" which provides both curricular and co-curricular activities that will challenge all students.
" where teachers have a command of content knowledge, make use of appropriate strategies and methodologies, and serve as important role
models for students.
" with a caring and committed faculty and staff who will be continuously engaged in learning and developing their skills.
" where parents realize the vital role they play in the education of their children and work cooperatively with their children's teachers and
" where instructional programs and services reflect the learning needs of individual students.
" where learning objectives are clearly defined and a comprehensive system of assessing student progress is in place.
" where all its members feel valued, cared for, and safe.
" where facilities and instructional materials are of high quality, are well maintained, and are conductive to learning.

We expect that our students will……

" have an appreciation for the arts.
" think critically and exhibit creativity.
" use technology effectively to access and process information.
" learn how to work independently and with others.
" demonstrate strong communication skills.
" accept challenges and take intellectual risks.
" have an appreciation for learning as a life-long process.
" understand the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of citizenship and have respect for the rights of others.
" possess skills necessary to further their education and/or compete in the job market.
" have an appreciation for all academic areas.

Our beliefs work together to form the foundation for all of our actions.
We believe that……..

" the ultimate commitment of the school system is to the students.
" every individual has potential, can learn, and should have an equal opportunity to learn.
" self esteem, which derives from hard work, persistence, and pride in accomplishments, should be developed and encouraged in each individual.
" the acquisition of academic and applied life skills are the right and responsibility of each student.
" a positive relationship and rapport between teacher and student is essential for maximum learning to take place.
" students, teachers, administrators, and parents are responsible and accountable for student learning.
" parents are the child's first teachers and parental involvement enhances the educational process.
" active community involvement is an important component of the educational process.
" instructional programs grow out of an awareness of current learning theories and emphasize learning as an "active" process.
" high standards and expectations are a prerequisite to achieving excellence.
" the uniqueness of the individual and the strength of diversity should be supported and respected.



Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Livingston (978) 363-2250
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Peter McGinn (978) 363-2280
Business Manager George Collins (978) 363-5101
Special Education Coordinator Lauren Fain (978) 363-2031
Principal, Donaghue School Robert C. Harrison (978) 346-8921 e-mail: (978) 346-7838
Special Education Office (978) 346-8114
Health Office (978) 346-8115
Special Education Office (978) 346-7843
Health Office (978) 346-8210



Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
Executive Board Rec. Secretary-TBA
Elena Bachrach
Treas. Accts. Rec.-Kym Codair

Scott Brennan
Treas. Accts. Pay.-Kim Kutcher
Jennie Capener  


PTO Board

Co-Presidents Tracey Duprey and Sharon Pellerin
1st VP - Sue Freeman
2nd VP - Jen Marden
Secretary - Pam Romanowski
Treasurer Tracy Blais


2006-2007 Pentucket Regional School Committee
Carol Grazio Earl Baumgardner Richard DeVeau
Maria Piccolomini Guillaume Buell Thomas Atwood
Doreen Blades Jed Levine Richard A. Baker
Robert Fournier Maureen Moran Jill Albert


Robert C. Harrison, Principal
Richard Jervey, Teacher
Karen Schwartz, Teacher
Alicia Couturier, Parent
Parent Lynette Provencal, Parent

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